The Multimedia Digital Content Bachelor Degree Program was established in 2011, and now it already has 7 full-time faculty members and one full-time staff member. Every year the MDC program admits about 77 undergraduate candidates.

In fact, Multimedia Digital Content is an interdisciplinary program which goes beyond computer science, visual communication, and information management. The curriculum has been designed to meet two major topics: animation & comic and digital entertainment design (computer games). Various courses have been opened to provide and train the students with professional skills, necessarily required to compete inside the digital content industry (DC). These abilities include the 2D&3D animation, comic creation, game design, digital audio & video processing, and virtual & augmented reality.

Therefore, the MDC bachelor degree program proudly offers one the best training courses that allow the students to acquire sustainable professional skills to develop a successful and competitive career in the digital content (DC) industry.

PKKING works
PKKING works


The mission of the program is to equip the students with the required technical abilities to fulfill the industry demands. To this end, the program aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Providing fundamental knowledge in MDC, including animation, comic and games design; helping the students to be qualified in providing solutions during their career performance.
  2. Cultivating the students to develop good working skills, attitudes and professional ethics.
  3. Providing students with abundant international working opportunities and broadening their global perspectives to help them fit into the fast-growing career trend in the future.
  4. Enhancing student’s knowhow and self-learning methods for the purpose of life-long pursuit of knowledge and acquisition of skills.


Three Major Teaching Directions

The multimedia digital content industry has had a significant contribution on our economy’s growth. In order to meet the increasing demand for cultural and creative industries, the MDC teaching focus is divided into the following three major subjects:

  1. Animation: Computer Animation I & II, 2D Animation, 2D & 3D Production I & II, Animation Principles and Applications, Character Animation, and Animation Effects Practice.
  2. Comic: Comic Creation, Handmade Anime Comic, Design Drawing, Storyboard Design, and Illustration Book Design.
  3. Games: Introduction to Game Design, Basic Game Design, Game Engine Application and Design, Mobile Game Design, Game Scene Design, Game Art Design, Game Programming.
Excellent Knowledge Transferring

The MDC staff members have been working hard with the aim to increase the quality of multimedia education, applying some specific teaching methods and high enthusiasm supported by modern facilities in order to assure young professionals with competitive skills and qualified knowhow which matches with the industry’s requirements for startup designers.

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Jong-Sheng Cherng

Asisstant Professor and Chairman

Game Design
Augmented Reality

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Ku-Yaw Chang

Asisstant Professor and Chairman of Computer Center

Game Programming
Computer Vision

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Chih-Lung Chen

Associate Professor

Computer Graphics
Hand Painting

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Ming-Shu Wu

Asisstant Professor

3D Animation
3D Stereoscopic Projection
Video Post-production

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Lingling Huang

Associate Professor

Web Design
Software Applications
Graph Theory

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Chung Kuei Li

Associate Professor

3D Animation production
Advertising production
VFX production

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Chia-Ching Chiang

Asisstant Professor

Model & Statue Making
Comic Characters Design

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PKKING works


The undergraduate program is designed for students with major interests in Animation, Comic, and Game Design. Therefore, it provides students with numerous opportunities to obtain the most up-to-date professional knowledge regarding multimedia digital content in addition to a flexible schedule designed to cater to individual learning needs.

Moreover, the mandatory courses place the focus on multimedia digital content basic skills, such as Design Drawing, Colors, Computer Graphics, Handmade Anime Comic, Computer Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Script Planning, Basic Game Design, Creative Thinking and Design Method.

Studying in the MDC program, young future professionals are expected to keep sharpening not only professional knowledge but also fundamental skills in the field of multimedia digital content.

The elective courses focus on three major subject areas, including Animation, Comic and Game software Design, which are being offered to those students with special interests relevant areas.